Evergreen State Fair

Come visit our booth at the Evergreen State Fair! We will be there from Thursday, August 23- until Monday, September 3. We are giving away free balloon animals to children and free window quotes as well as product information to home owners. We are also holding a drawing for home owners to enter in, for a chance to win a $20,000 cash prize! Make sure you stop by and check out all the fun.

Whidbey Island Fair | Seattle Window Replacment Experts

Come visit our booth at the Whidbey Island Fair! We will be there from Thursday, August 16 until Sunday, August 19. We are giving away free balloon animals to children and free window quotes as well as product information to home owners. We are also holding a drawing for home owners to enter in, for a chance to win a $20,000 cash prize! Make sure you stop by and check out all the fun. See you this Thursday.


Purchasing tips from Energy Star | Seattle Window Replacement

1.    Determine your ENERGY STAR Climate Zone.

2.    Find a retailer or manufacturer. Find a manufacturer or retailer of ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors, or skylights.

3.    Look for the ENERGY STAR label for your climate zone. All ENERGY STAR qualified products must display the ENERGY STAR label. Check the label to make sure the product you are considering qualifies in your area. 

4.    Ask for ENERGY STAR when ordering. When you’re ordering in a showroom, make sure to ask for a product that qualifies for ENERGY STAR in your climate zone. You can choose ENERGY STAR qualified windows in a variety of framing materials to suit your needs.

5.    Get a deal. In addition to the long-term energy savings you’ll enjoy, take advantage of financial incentives that lower your initial investment:

o    Many utilities provide financial incentives for purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors, and skylights. Look for local rebates and other promotions in your area.

o    Claim federal tax credits for installing ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors or skylights or making certain other energy efficiency improvements to your home.

o    Keep in mind that the cost of complete window replacement for the average home is $7,500-$10,000.* When you’re interviewing contractors, ask them to break down the price quote by labor and materials. ENERGY STAR qualified windows may cost more than non-qualified products, but the labor involved should be comparable for both.

* Based on Consumer Checkbook’s (June 2008) reported average product and installation cost for standard size, double-pane, vinyl, double-hung replacement windows with low-E, grids, and argon fill.


Our windows are Energy Star rated. Call today to get a free quote on your windows! 

Harley Exteriors- (425) 527-0073 or 1-888-259-0077.

Harley Exteriors Stunning Appearance

Harley Exteriors’ affordable vinyl replacement windows and doors are designed to enhance your home’s value and beauty. Their eco-friendly construction helps you reduce energy costs and impact on the environment. If you are working on a home improvement project, choosing our windows will improve the exterior look of your house. If you are selling, replacing your windows will give your house a beautiful boost of attractiveness. We also have the lowest profile windows in the industry. Which means, we have the thinnest vinyl frames, letting you enjoy a bigger view from your windows.

Lifetime Windows

When you purchase our windows, you aren’t just purchasing them for a home improvement project. You are buying windows for a lifetime.

This is our promise to our customers:

“Comfort Design, manufacturer of “Olympic” vinyl windows and doors, guarantees it will repair or replace, any “Olympic” window product that is defective in materials or workmanship for life (including parts and labor) to the original registered homeowner. All “Olympic” products shall be free of defects or Comfort Design, at the affected discretion, shall repair, replace or refund the original purchase price of the affected item.” This is also a transferrable warranty.

“Comfort Design Window and Door Products, one of our window manufactures, are warranted to the original registered owner against accidental glass breakage for a lifetime, to the original owner. This includes parts and labor. The glass units will be replaced, free of charge, upon notification of the broken glass.”

Some conditions and terms of the warranty apply.

Energy Saving Windows

We want to make the environment in your home as comfortable as possible. The most important benefit of using windows made with Duralite is the energy you will save. And the less energy you use, the less impact it will have on the environment.

More efficient windows also allow you to produce less harmful gases such a CO2.

Our vinyl replacement window glass is made with LoE3 glass. This type of glass keeps homes more comfortable than ever. This glass is designed to help maintain a consistent temperature indoors. It also blocks 95% of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays which can fade furniture and carpets.

Not only do our vinyl replacement windows have LoE3 glass but they contain Argon gas inside. An Argon gas filled window provides even greater insulation and achieves lower heat transmission between the panes of glass. This means superior energy efficiency and lower energy bills. All windows ordered with argon glass fill, come standard with double strength glass.

When the temperature soars, ordinary window glass just can’t handle the heat. LoE3 glass lets more light in and keeps more heat out. So your home stays cool and comfortable.

During cold weather, the insulating effect of your windows has a direct impact on how your rooms feel. The better insulated the window glass, the warmer your room will be.

About the Harley Exteriors Company

In the 1990s, Christian was plying his trade for another replacement windows and doors company in the Pacific Northwest. He recognized a market need for families who wished to enhance their homes but didn’t have the high disposable incomes to invest in expensive doors and windows. After a long search, Christian found a line of vinyl replacement windows and doors that offered both quality and affordability. He then established Harley Exteriors with the goal of providing Seattle area family homeowners with superior replacement windows and doors and excellent customer service at an affordable price. Harley Exteriors has since expanded to a staff of 50, but remains family-owned and operates on the very same principles it did when it first started.