Greenwashing 101

This article is from Angie’s list magazine: Green Issue.

“Some companies engage in green washing by labeling a product or service as “green” without facts to back up their environmentally friendly claims. Industry experts offer these tips to help you distinguish between green washing and what’s truly eco-friendly:

Scrutinize Ads: Advertising often misleads consumers with words, artwork, and vague or exaggerated statements. For example, it’s nearly impossible to track a provider’s claim that he plants trees overseas to offset his carbon footprint, says James Kohm, associate director of the FTC’s enforcement division.

Seek Certification: Providers who care about the environment should take the time to earn industry-specific green certifications form a reputable thrid party, such as LEED, the National Association of Home Builders. But membership in NARI or NAHB doesn’t guarantee the company is green. Be sure to check that they’ve earned their green certification for design and construction.

Do Your Homework: Confirm green training, licensing (if applicable), credentials and work practices. Solar panel installers, for example, require licensing in some states. Check with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners for a certified installer near you.

Track Materials: Chopping down old growth forests is an unsustainable process for obtaining building materials. Ask service providers if they use sustainable products, such as the Forest Stewardship Council’s certified wood from sustainably harvested forests. The National Fenestration Rating Council certifies windows for energy performance, and products earning the Energy Star or WaterSense labels ensure energy and water efficiency.”

At Harley Exteriors, we are proud to say that our eco-friendly constructed windows will help you reduce your energy costs and the impact on the environment.

Our Olympic Series Envirosealed Windows:

-Can reduce CO2 emissions annually

– Can save the homeowner energy costs

– Can make the home more energy efficient

– Help save energy, money and the environment

We are also AAMA and Energy Star Rated. Call us today for a free estimate to replace your windows at (425) 527-0077or (888) 826-0005. Or visit us online at


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