Olympic Series Windows

Our custom made Olympic Series windows are only offered exclusively through Harley Exteriors.

What sets these windows apart from other windows is:


–          1” glass pack unit                            

–          Double thick glass                          

–          6x stronger than normal glass

–          ¾ dead air space


–  19 chambers
–  Engineered for structured integrity
– Triple thick walls
– 3 Dimensional design
– Beveled look of wood
– 4 point fusion weld
– Titanium dioxide
– Acrylic modifiers
– Tin heat stabilizers
– Zinc coated steel reinforced meeting rail

What does all this mean? It means that buy investing in our windows, you will be purchasing durable windows for many years to come. You will also cut costs on your energy bills and increase your home’s appearance and beauty. Our windows are designed for a lifetime plus!

Call in today for a free quote on your windows at (425) 527-00-77 or at 1-888-826-0005. Check out our website for more information at http://harleyexteriors.com/index.html.


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