A Harley Exteriors Guide for Sprucing Up Your Home Windows

When decorating a home, most people focus on the walls by choosing paint colors or hanging artwork. The windows are often overlooked, with the exception of adding blinds or curtains. However, there are a number of ways to spruce up your home by adding decor to your windows, and a seasonal change of drapery is a good way to keep your decor fresh.

A fresh coat of paint in a different color on the window trim adds a lively energy to a room. You can even add stenciling details to your paint job to enhance the final product. It is a low-cost way to bring attention to your windows.

If your windowsill is wide enough, place small potted flowers or plants. You can also add a flower box to the outside of your window and plant herbs for later use in your kitchen. This adds both a functional and decorative look to your window.

Consider adding a valance to your window or a curved cornice. While this option is a bit more costly, it will definitely enhance the beauty of your home and open up the space of the room.

About Harley Exteriors:
Located 30 minutes outside of Seattle, Harley Exteriors offers premium vinyl replacement windows and doors at affordable prices. Made of eco-friendly construction, Harley Exteriors products enhance a home’s beauty while reducing energy costs and protecting the environment.


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