Heavy Winds and Damage to Your Home

  fallen-229864_1920The Pacific Northwest is often known for its lovely trees, interesting people, and rainy weather. 2015 has been a record year for strange weather and dangerous wind conditions. Windstorms are a fairly normal occurrence for us Washingtonians, and affect us heavily with power outages, unsafe driving conditions, and downed trees.

Wa Windstorms: A Brief Breakdown

  Wind Storms are actually quite normal in the Pacific Northwest. Being a coastal state, this is to be expected. The dangerous aspect of the wind goes hand in hand with our Evergreen State. The trees of this state are tall conifers trees-1556765-1280x960with shallow roots. This combined with a typically wet soil makes for easily uprooted trees during wind storms. Although windstorms are common statewide, large windstorms are regional. Heavily forested suburb areas  are the mostly likely to see severe structural damage since homes and trees are in close proximity.

Common Types of Home Damage:


  • Windows can easily be cracked, shattered, or have their frames damaged. Any window damage can be costly and dangerous for you and your family.
  • Roof damage can happen instantaneously or over time. This usually happens closer to the edges of the roof (known as the peeling effect) and will make your roof look like it is being peeled back. Shingles can also become dislodged and fly off. Debris can also buildup from the various elements and roof pieces.
  • Gutters can become overly full from new, rapidly blown debris. The gutters can also detach in some areas due to new weight. In the event that a tree or large branch falls, the gutters can be ripped in half or completely detached.

What can you do?

Being prepared is your biggest advantage. Since large windstorms are regional, pay attention to the weather and know if gusts are forecasted to reach or exceed 32 MPH (the speed at which structural damage can happen). If a storm is forecasted in the immediate future make sure to clean your gutters or have them cleaned. Since your gutters can take on additional debris it is important to clear the way for the new mess. Also, it helps in the future if you have to make an insurance claim. Take in your surrounding and make sure to note the location of large, problematic trees. Above all else stay safe during the storm.

My home is damaged, now what?

tumblr_m7dymqGReb1rbchaeo1_250Stay calm and diagnose the damage that has occurred. Once you have a good idea of the damage that has occurred contact your insurance company or property manager (if you rent). When it comes time for repairs to take place do your research. You want to make sure that you are hiring a company/contractor who is reliable, certified, and has a great track record with customers.

                                    How can Harley Exteriors help you?

angies award

Harley Exteriors offers superior products and installation experience to upgrade your home and make it a more comfortable, livable space. Since 2002, we’ve been installing custom replacement windows, as well as stone coated metal and asphalt shingle roofing, to homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout that time we’ve earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an A rating with Angie’s List, and have been honored with the First Security Bank Achievement Award for outstanding customer service.

Our customers are our pride. We will be there for you in your hard time and make sure that you are taken care of from the initial correspondence all the way until the final piece of installation.



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