3 Ways to Add Value to your home with Harley Exteriors Olympic Serious Vinyl Windows (425)-527-0077

Project 1. Replace old, leaky windows with energy-efficient Olympic series windows from Harley Exteriors. Not only will new windows make the whole house look better, but Energy Star-compliant windows help save on heating and cooling bills all year long. For added safety and security, consider impact-resistant windows. Much like a car windshield, these laminated windows won’t shatter if they’re broken, thus reducing damage inside the home from storms or break-in attempts. Our clients may benefit from a discount in their insurance premiums, too. The Olympic series windows from Harley Exteriors also carry a double lifetime warranty, which is transferable to the next owner.

Project 2. Bump out to a bay or bow window. Along with adding extra living space, bay and bow windows add instant visual interior and exterior appeal to homes. People value the extended space that can add room for a window seat, highlight a Christmas tree or simply bring more light into the home. Harley Exteriors Olympic Serious offers various styles in both bay or bow windows.

Project 3. Trim out exterior windows and doors. If there is old, rotting wood around windows (or no trim at all), suggest low-maintenance, all-weather PVC millwork, which resists insects, rot and termites.




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