When to Repair or Replace your Windows

Before you start shopping for windows, you need to know what can be fixed or done to make the windows you have more energy-efficient. Of course replacing your old windows with new vinyl replacement windows from Harley Exteriors will lower your energy bills, but you will also recoup the money you spend, in energy  savings and add value to your home.

Can rot and jammed sashes be repaired

Inspect your windows for decay. A pro might be able to repair rot, jammed sashes, and broken parts. See signs that water has penetrated around the frame? The windows need to be removed and repaired or replaced before the rot. Repairing will require constant maintenance and cost almost as much as replacing your windows with new vinyl replacement windows from Harley Exteriors. If there’s condensation between layers of insulated glass, and your windows are older than 7 years,  you should have one of the experts at Harley Exteriors inspect the windows, that way it can be determined what is causing the seal to fail, is just a bad seal or if it is the frame that’s causing it.

My house was built before 1960. Any precautions?

Lead-based paint was banned after 1978 and is especially common in homes built prior to 1960. Single-pane windows are a real concern because the friction of opening and closing the sashes can release lead dust and result in lead poisoning in children. Replacing these windows eliminates the risk but can increase lead dust during the project. If your contractor will disturb lead-based paint, he must be trained in lead-safe work practices. Harley exteriors is an EPA lead safe certified company: NAT-40890-01