New Paint Job or New Sidings?

1. Big exterior home improvement trend of 2017:  Add more texture to the exterior of your home with new siding

By giving your home some texture on the outside it can easily boost the curb appeal and market value; creating character for your home. Siding is the very first thing that is seen of the home and will make or break a first impression. Depending on how old your home is, the siding could easily be extremely faded and look dirty. The resale value of your home will go up substantially as well with new siding. Investing in the exterior of your home with high quality sidings is one of the best home improvement projects you can do with the one of the highest return on investments.  While you could possibly paint over the exterior of your home to give it a revamped look, that brings me to the next benefit:

2. Energy Efficiency

Instead of simply painting over the outside of your home, you can increase the quality of your home by getting energy efficient sidings. With new sidings your home will be safe from the elements that it’s constantly exposed to here in Washington State. Insulation will lead to your heating and cooling costs to drop for your home. New Vinyl sidings are going to help keep your home at a comfortable internal temperature — year round. Insulation may not have been built into your home if your home is older, this is due to the insulation process was much more expensive in the past. Alside Prodigy vinyl sidings are going to be the most popular vinyl siding choice due to it’s quality and protection for somewhere like the Pacific Northwest. If you notice the electricity bill going up and drafts throughout your home it may be time for an upgrade in your siding.

3. Hidden Structural Damage

Old siding can easily lead to hidden water damage due to rainwater being able to seep into your home. There are different degrees of structural damage and sometimes may remain hidden and go unnoticed until it’s too late and you are left with a costly repair bill. It’s best to be able to find the structural damage and correct it early on.  You will want to check the exterior of your home for paint chipping/ware and cracks & gaps in the siding itself. Gaps and cracks will allow for moisture and with moisture will come mold and insects. Here at Harley Exteriors, we offer a James Hardie fiber cement siding that’s meant to be resistant to insect infestation which is perfect for this upcoming summer. With the cement siding, due to it being non-combustible and damage resistant to hail, it may reduce some home insurances as well!

To learn more about our siding options and other home improvement products we offer to homeowners in and around Seattle, WA, contact Harley Exteriors today at 425-527-0077.


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